Ekaterina Miroshnichenko
From a nail master to a world champion

A founder and the main E.Mi brand technologist, an author and designer of Enamel over Gold (2008), Imitation of a reptile skin (2009) , Crackled Effect and Ethnic Prints (2010), Velvet sand and Liquid stones (2012), 3D Vintage (2013), TEXTONE&Combiture (2014); a designer of unique materials: Black Tulip, Velvet sand, GLOSSEMI, EMPASTA, TEXTONE, PRINCOT; a world champion nail design (Paris, 2010), two-time European champion (Athens, Paris, 2009), an international referee.

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E.Mi brand
The history of success.

The E.Mi brand presents products of high quality for nail designs by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko. All peculiarities and nuances of nail design are taken into account.

E.Mi is a range of gel paints and brushes specially produced in Germany, as well as nail design decorations and brand accessories. The E.Mi product is so handy that you can realize all your wild ideas. Gel paints polymerization takes a minute and some paints are polymerized in few seconds that significantly reduces the operating time.

Design can be applied to all the nails. Special texture of gel paint doesn’t allow them to flow and you will have the desired result. It’s easy to be a first-class master with the E.Mi products!
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