GEL PAINTSSet gel paintsSet Tropical Garden

Set Tropical Garden

Summer collection of gel paints TROPICAL GARDEN!

Tropical Garden Capri 5 ml.
Tropical Garden Peacock 5 ml.
Tropical Garden Cruise 5 ml.
Tropical Garden Passion Flower 5 ml.
Tropical Garden Shocking Pink 5 ml.
Tropical Garden Coral Quartz 5 ml.

Vivid Charm Palette. The 6 inspired-by-the-beauty-of-exotic-gardens shades will help to create the bright look for a modern fashionista.
Eye-Catching Combinations. The juicy colours of the summer collection are in perfect harmony with each other and will be ideally suitable for creating an eye-catching E.Mi-manicure. The gel paints ideally match the colours from the similarly-named collection of EMPASTA and E.MiLac.
A good buy. On purchasing collection in a set, you save 15%.

Set Tropical Garden