GEL PAINTSCollection NeonNEON Reflex Blue 5 ml.

NEON Reflex Blue 5 ml.

Gel paints collection NEON per item and in a set!

Ekaterina Miroshnichenko has included 6 juicy bright colours in summer gel paint collection: lurid pink Mamba, fiery red Fireshow, exotic orange Tropicana, bright yellow Toxic, glaring green Crazy Jungle and electric blue Reflex Blue.

• Flavour-of-the-month. Lurid bright neon colours will dress up any image, make it dynamism and lightness.
• Deep colours are applied easily and smoothly to a nail plate.
• Bargain price! Purchasing a set of gel paints NEON, you get 1 paint as a present!

NEON Reflex Blue 5 ml.