GEL PAINTSCollection «Cozy Evening» Cozy Evening Dusty Cedar 5 ml.

Cozy Evening Dusty Cedar 5 ml.

Gel paints Cozy Evening!

    A godsend for real women of fashion! Top six warm and cozy colors are recognized the most fashionable according to Panthone and have been already reflected in collections of worldwide famous designers.
    Hit of the season! A new collection of gel paints Cozy Evening includes the latest colors of the season: warm grey-brown, chocolate, creamy, amber -honey, exquisite dusty and innocently-gentle pink.
    Perfectly suited by color! Monochrome texture remain in the spotlight, 6 most fashionable colors of the season perfectly combine with the colors of the similarly-named collections of paints EMPASTA and gel-polishes E.MiLac.
    A good buy! When purchasing a set of gel paints you will save 17%!

Cozy Evening Dusty Cedar 5 ml.